aite fuck this imma watch pointless for the next 47000 hours goodbye friends <3 <3 <3


especially for book

all the love plots were stupid. so dumb. and totally unbelievable.

also harry/ginny is REALLY CREEPY 

and gross

breathethedownbow replied to your post “bookhobbit replied to your post “ok ok ok im gonna get more vodka also…”

Nope thats lavender

so who the fuck was luna lovegood??

bookhobbit replied to your post “ok ok ok im gonna get more vodka also luna lovegood is stupid and her…”

As much as I am not a fan of Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood is not a love interest. I believe you may be thinking of Lavender Brown. I provide this information in case you want to really delve into insulting the love interest plot. Carry on.

wait shit what

who the fuck was lavender brown??

i thought luna lovegood was the one with the stupid lion hat who dated ron then he was in the sick bay or we and hermione was there and luna was all “HE MY MAN” and hermione was just “the narrative demands that we fuck back off”

i didnt care when dumbledore died

i read all the books and still didnt know who the marauders were until my roommate explained it to me

i thought snape was a marauder

harry potter books are so dull i forgot half the plot

ok ok ok im gonna get more vodka

also luna lovegood is stupid and her lion hat is dumb

and today on “han has been drinking and is trying to attract anon hate by insulting harry potter”:

idek i cant remember anything

they were that boring

ok ok i realised another thing i like about harry potter aside from gildroy lockheart

it’s people’s headcanons about “muggleborns” doing normal shit and all the wizards being confused

bc the stupid separation between muggles and wizards needs to be emphasised even more



From the little-known Vikings edition of Frozen. [x]


Van Gogh Shadow - The artist’s paintings brought to life

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Pages from the Book of Kells, c.800. 

Interesting point: The Book of Kells was not actually created at Kells, or in Ireland at all. It was probably made in Iona, an island just off the coast of Scotland where St Columba founded a monastery in the 6th century.

Anglo-Saxon manuscripts from southern England, all 8th-9th century.

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